With their charming and authentic character, tugboats offer you the opportunity to discover Amsterdam in a unique way. We have 10 modern tugboats with a capacity of up to 35 people.

These robust boats have a rich history and offer a comfortable and relaxing experience for anyone who wants to discover Amsterdam from the water.

  • ✓ Discover Amsterdam all year round on our tugboats
  • ✓ Snacks and drinks on board
  • ✓ Sailing on green energy

Maritime history

Tugboats have a rich history. Originally they were used to tow other ships when they could not sail independently. Tugboats perform various tasks, such as assisting with mooring, escorting large ships, towing ships and rescue operations.

Today, tugboats are still used for various purposes, but they have also taken on a new role as a tourist attraction. More and more people are discovering the charm of a tour on a tugboat through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.

Enjoy all year round

Our tugboats have a fixed arrangement with a spacious open deck. Here you can enjoy the wonderful sunny weather in the summer, while relaxing and admiring the iconic canals of Amsterdam. If the weather turns and rains or it gets colder outside, we can cover the ship so that you can continue to enjoy everything Amsterdam has to offer, warm and cozy.

Comfortable seats

There are comfortable cushions on both sides of the ship for you to sit on. In addition, there is a long narrow table between the seats, which is perfect for enjoying snacks and drinks during the cruise. Our boats also have a bar where you can enjoy refreshing drinks and other snacks.


At Mokumboot we attach great importance to sustainability. That is why our tugboats use green energy, which allows them to move silently over the water. This way you can not only enjoy a relaxing cruise, but you also contribute to the preservation of the beautiful environment.

Book a canal cruise on our tugboats

Do you want to experience Amsterdam in a unique way? Then step aboard one of our tugboats and let yourself be carried away by the beauty and charm of this beautiful city. Book your unforgettable cruise now!

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