Fun every day

We work every day to create a unique Amsterdam guest experience and that starts with our own job satisfaction. Because fun is contagious!

The heart of Amsterdam

You work in the most beautiful place in the world. With your enthusiasm you will tell our guests why the Amsterdam canals are rightly a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Flexibility and variety

Work according to your agenda and availability. Every day is different, surprising and you make it a beautiful memory!


Mokumboot was born out of friendship and new friendships are constantly being created in our team.

Develop yourself

Get your boating license and sail on different types of open boats. At Mokumboot you learn a lot more and there are many opportunities.


With your efforts and enthusiasm, you will earn bonuses, tips and discounts on Mokumboot products in addition to an attractive salary.


Our Mokum is beautiful and most beautiful from the water! Friends Marcel, Martijn and Michael spent a lot of time on the water together. They wanted to share the free feeling on the Amsterdam canals with as many people as possible. This is how Mokumboot was founded in 2009 with the rental of boats on which you can be the captain yourself. Mokumboot is now a proud and established Amsterdam name, where you can rent boats at no fewer than nine places in the city.

In 2024, Mokumboot will start a new cruise adventure and we will also show you the Amsterdam canals from open boats. Along the way we will tell you everything about our city and typical Mokum anecdotes.

Our goal is to offer every guest and tenant a unique Amsterdam experience. We do this by having fun ourselves. Informal, friendly and always evolving. We are proud of Mokum (boat)!

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