Boat rally game Amsterdam

Do you want to organize an original company outing? Go for an adventure on the Amsterdam canals!

A game of laser tag? Bowling? Gourmet? That is of course very pleasant. But let’s try a different approach this year. Tip: get behind the wheel yourself and play the Boat rally (sloepengame) on the Amsterdam canal belt. We give you three reasons why.

1. Improving the team spirit effortlessly

A company outing is not only very pleasant, but also a way to invest in better mutual communication. It increases the involvement of employees and barriers are lowered.

This is done in a very effective way with the ‘Sloepen Game’ from Monsterevents. Monster Events offers, in collaboration with Mokumboot sloopverhuur, the opportunity to organize an original outing on the Amsterdam canal belt. Participants may sail themselves on 8-person sloops. There are 30 sloops available, which means that there is room for groups of up to 250 people.

Michael, CEO at Monsterevents, explains: “There is no skipper on board, so employees have to decide among themselves who will brave the canals. Will this be the administrative assistant or are they taking turns? Or does the manager prefer to stay at the helm as much as possible? There is one iPad on board per sloop. This contains the route and the questions that must be answered along the way. Because each sloop is filled with a team of 8 people, the different sloops with colleagues regularly meet. The sloops can talk to each other via a chat system on the iPad.”

2. Originality

To be fair, we have secretly become a bit spoiled in 2017. Even when it comes to company outings. Sailing along the Amsterdam canals, through the historic center, over the Red Light District and the Flower Market… That is something employees are less likely to expect. Perhaps in a tour boat, but sailing yourself remains something really special.

3. Adventure

Sailing yourself is one thing. But discovering Amsterdam by water feels like something adventurous. The smallest house in the city, the Anne Frank House, the Amstel, the narrow canals, low bridges… You experience it from a sloop in a more intensive way. Because all kinds of assignments have to be carried out along the way, the Sloepen Game feels like a competition. Meanwhile, it also gives employees the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the city, passing colleagues and much more.

For more information about the Boat rally game through the center of Amsterdam, please contact or +31 202105700.

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