Frequently Asked Questions

At Mokumboot we often get the same questions. That is why we have answered the most frequently asked questions about renting a sloop or booking a cruise for you. From rates and availability to additional services – we’ve listed everything you need to know. So read on and discover how easy and fun it is to explore Amsterdam from the water with Mokumboot.

Frequently asked questions canal cruise Amsterdam

Frequently asked questions sail yourself Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions canal cruise Amsterdam

How long does a canal cruise take?

Our Amsterdam canal cruise lasts 1 hour.

Until what time do you sail?

We sail until 10:00 PM.

Where is the boarding point?

The Mokumboot canal cruise through Amsterdam starts from Central Station. This location is easily accessible by train, tram and metro. There are also parking facilities in the area.

Are there different canal cruise routes?

Yes, during a canal cruise through Amsterdam we can follow different routes. Naturally, our most important and popular route leads through the canals of the old city center. During this canal cruise through Amsterdam you will enjoy the beautiful old buildings with their characteristic facades from the Golden Age.

Can I bring my own food and drinks on board?

Yes, that’s no problem. It is also possible to buy something on board during the cruise.

Do I need to book the canal cruise in advance?

We do recommend that. The boat fills up quickly, especially during busy periods. Booking in advance means that you can leave exactly at the time you want.

How can I make a reservation?

You can easily make a reservation online. You select the date and time you want to leave. You then indicate how many people you want to take the Amsterdam canal cruise with. You then confirm your reservation and will soon take a beautiful cruise through Amsterdam on a luxury tugboat from Mokumboot.

Frequently Asked Questions sail yourself Amsterdam

How many people are allowed in a boat?

Maximum 6 people. With 6 people you can all sit very comfortably.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries last all day, so you can sail for at least 10 hours without any worries!

Can I leave the boat somewhere else than where I picked it up?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible because we have to adhere to our mooring permits, which have a maximum limit per pickup location.

What is the speed of the boats?

The boats go approximately 6 km/h, this is the maximum permitted speed in Amsterdam.

Do I need a boating license?

No, a boating license is not required.

Can I sail without experience?

You don’t need any experience. The boats are easy to operate. We will explain everything calmly before you start sailing.

Can I bring food and drinks?

Yes, that is certainly allowed. Picnic on board! When using alcohol, remember that the captain must remain sober at all times.

Is there a sailing map on board?

Yes, we have a clear sailing map of the Amsterdam canals full of useful tips and routes.

Do I have to pay tourist tax?

Yes, the municipality of Amsterdam levies a tax of € 2,50 per person for the use of the canals. This is in addition to our rental rate. This tax applies to everyone, even if you live in Amsterdam.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Absolutely, the most enjoyable gift for on the water! We have gift vouchers for 2, 3, and 4 hours of sailing.

Gift vouchers

Do you offer punchcards?

At Mokumboot we also offer punchcards. Order a punchcard and sail 5x for the price of 4!


Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, when boarding we ask you for a deposit of €100. You can pay this, together with the rent, with both a debit and credit card. Cash is not accepted.

How does your deposit system work?
The functioning of our deposit system varies based on how you have made your boat reservation. There are 2 possible scenarios in which you have made your reservation with us.

  1. Scenario 1: You have pre-booked and paid your boat through our online booking system.
  2. Scenario 2: You have rented a boat via phone, email, or in-person, and thus, no advance payment was made through our online reservation system.

Scenario 1

You have already made your payment online in advance and so you will only need to provide a deposit upon your arrival at the location. The deposit is held through a card reservation. A card reservation means that you have authorized the payment, and the funds will remain in your account but won’t be immediately available for other transactions. Rest assured that if there are no disputes or issues, the card reservation will automatically be released after 24 hours. This process is the opposite of what occurs in scenario 2, where the payment is actually captured.

Scenario 2

You have rented a boat through phone, email, or on-site, and did not make the payment online using our reservation system. In this case, you are requested to pay both the rent and the deposit in a single transaction as our payment service provider requires the complete amount to be processed in one go. After capture, the payment will be divided into two parts: 1) the rental fee for the boat, and 2) the deposit. The deposit will be refunded automatically after capture if there is no dispute whatsoever. Usually this entire process will take 3-5 business days. For further questions, please email to

What happens to my payment in case of bad weather?

In the event of heavy and prolonged rain or thunderstorms, a booking can be moved free of charge to another date, cancellation free of charge is negotiable. It is possible to cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the trip. During major events such as King’s Day and Gay Pride, different rules apply due to the high demand for boats.

What are the sailing rules?

  • Always sail starboard (right)
  • The maximum allowed speed is 6 km per hour. This is faster than a pedestrian, but slower than a cyclist
  • Commercial vessels, such as tour boats, always have priority
  • Be clear in the course you are sailing
  • Approach bridges so that you are visible to any oncoming traffic
  • It is forbidden to drive a boat under the influence of alcohol
  • Causing nuisance is not allowed (including music and shouting)
  • Music on board is not allowed
  • Prohibited sailing areas are: the IJ, Harbor area, Nieuwe Herengracht, Route Westerkanaal, Kostverlorenvaart, Schinkel (crossing the water is allowed)
  • Mooring to trees, under or to bridges and where this is indicated by a prohibition sign is not allowed
  • Provide good lighting at dusk or in the dark so that your vessel is clearly visible
  • Never take risks, safety comes first
  • Is your question not listed? Call or email us!

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