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Our Mokum (Amsterdam) is beautiful, especially when viewed from the water! Friends Marcel, Martijn, and Michael spent a lot of time on the water together, wanting to share the liberating feeling of the Amsterdam canals with as many people as possible. In 2009, Mokumboot was born, offering boat rentals where you could be your own captain. Today, Mokumboot is a proud and well-established name in Amsterdam, with boat rentals available at nine locations throughout the city.

In 2024, Mokumboot embarks on a new canal adventure, showcasing the Amsterdam canals from open boats. Along the way, we share insights about our city and typical Mokum anecdotes.

Our goal is to provide each guest and renter with a unique Amsterdam experience, achieved by creating joy ourselves. We thrive on informality, friendliness, and constant evolution. We take pride in Mokum(boot)!

Mokumboot aims to stand out by offering:

  • A 6-star guest/customer experience;
  • Distinguishing and informative historical narratives on board;
  • High-quality standards in everything we do;
  • A commitment to sustainability and respect;
  • And, most importantly, ensuring that everyone involved has a great time.

Position in the organization

The canal tours department oversees the operation and commercial aspects of Mokumboot’s canal tour activities. In practice, this includes canal tours for individual tourists, groups, as well as the rental of sloops and tugboats with skippers, and the ‘hop-on, hop-off’ route of the Cultuurferry.

As a Planner & Commercial-Administrative Assistant, you are part of the canal tours department. The day-to-day management of the department is carried out by duty managers and the executive management. In your role, you report to the executive management and provide support to both the executive management and duty managers.

Purpose of the position

Creating unforgettable memories for our guests! By executing commercial, administrative, and planning tasks effectively and efficiently, you contribute to this goal. Your efforts ensure that customers and guests receive the experience we promise them, colleagues can perform their tasks, and we exceed the expectations of our guests. You play a crucial role in maintaining a well-functioning system where communication and registration occur clearly and systematically.


  • General
    • In the execution of your role, you make every effort to ensure the successful, efficient, and pleasant operation of Mokumboot’s canal tour activities.
    • You work according to company processes and, when appropriate (in consultation), make decisions that contribute to guest experience and the success of Mokumboot.
    • You are versatile to achieve the results and objectives of Mokumboot.
    • Your activities primarily take place in the office, involving planning, commercial, and administrative tasks.
  • Planning
    • Boat Schedules
      • Canal Tours: You have a commercial overview of our sales and canal tour schedules, opening and closing timeslots based on sales results. You do this with foresight and in daily practice.
      • Charter & Events: You plan private canal tours, events involving multiple boats, and all non-regular canal tours.
    • Staff Planning
      • Based on the boat schedule and sales planning, you schedule the shifts of employees (skippers, hosts, dock hosts, duty managers, etc.).
      • You ensure a good and healthy schedule that balances the interests of Mokumboot and employees.
    • Fleet
      • You plan the availability of the fleet, aiming for the most efficient deployment.
      • You schedule fleet maintenance as efficiently as possible, ensuring boats are as available as possible. You proactively anticipate changes in boat availability and occupancy.
    • Disruptions, etc.
      • You proactively monitor the current status of the canals. You ensure that Mokumboot is always informed about disruptions and work on and along the canals that may affect our routes.
  • Communication
    • Staff: You are a key liaison between Mokumboot and its employees. You ensure effective information sharing, assess who should receive which information, and who should not.
      • Primarily from your tasks and responsibilities and, where necessary, in collaboration with duty managers and executive management.
      • You proactively anticipate changes in employee availability and occupancy.
      • You maintain a warm and clear relationship with employees, ensuring they enjoy working for Mokumboot. They should know what to expect and have the right information to perform their work.
      • You are familiar with the people we work with and understand what’s going on.
      • You are also capable of setting boundaries.
    • Suppliers
      • You have operational contact with suppliers and partners regarding planning matters.
    • Executive Management
      • You actively inform the executive management about developments in the planning so that you can take joint and timely action.
  • Commercial
    • You answer phone calls, emails, and potentially other media.
    • You are the contact person for processing requests and reservations for private tours, group bookings, and business bookings, among others.
    • You ensure a high-quality sales administration.
  • Administration & Reporting
    • You keep track of changes in bookings, sales, employee and fleet planning in designated systems and ensure they are always up-to-date.
    • You are aware of operational reporting and feedback (e.g., logbook, complaints, materials, maintenance, etc.) and anticipate accordingly.
    • Invoicing: You handle the processing of bookings into invoicing.
  • Projects & Events
    • You contribute to projects and events.
  • Other
    • We are an operational and practical team, supporting and helping each other as needed, demonstrating versatility in our roles.


  • You are positive and cheerful.
  • You look forward to making today another day with a smile.
  • You are someone who recognizes that an extra step or attention can provide a 6-star experience, and you take that step.
  • You convey this insight and mentality to colleagues and partners.
  • You set an example when it comes to hospitality.
  • You are presentable and an ambassador for Mokumboot.
  • You are customer/guest-oriented.
  • You are courteous and connecting in your interactions, understanding what you can and cannot say.
  • You are communicative in the broadest sense of the word, especially in information and transfer.
  • You stand firmly on your own two feet.
  • You are precise.
  • You are results-oriented.
  • You are pleasant, courteous, and connecting in your interactions.
  • You take, carry, and know responsibility.
  • You are proactive, work independently, and are a team player.
  • As a flexible team player, you contribute to making every Mokumboot day a good day.


  • MBO+/HBO level of education (education in the field of tourism, hospitality, commerce).
  • Proficiency in both English and Dutch languages.
  • Experience in tourism and/or canal tours in Amsterdam is an advantage.


With us, you can take on a challenging job where you can grow and have a lot of responsibility. Additionally, you can enjoy (secondary) employment benefits such as:

  • Every day of fun!;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Attractive individual bonuses;
  • Tips;
  • Friendships, social events, and activities;
  • Discounts on Mokumboot products;
  • An informal and enjoyable working environment;
  • A challenging role with ample opportunities for professional development;
  • Flexibility, work according to your schedule and availability;
  • Variety, every day is different;
  • Working in the most beautiful place in the world.


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